The Hopekeeper is a girl next door who despite of complexities of life chooses to preserve simple joys of life keeping a ray of hope for enlightenment, who is complicated yet simple, trying to make life meaningful and living in the moment.

Melomaniac | Writer | Poet | Reader | Artist
(in no particular order)

A die-hard fan of Sufi music, for whom music runs in veins. Currently, writing a lot of commercial content as a freelance content writer and fulfills the quest of writing with the blog. Poetry makes up the melody of The Hopekeeper’s life. A junkie as a reader, who reads articles, poetries and what not from different walks of life, right from fiction, history, science, psychology or anything you would name. A jack of all and master of none! An artist who finds art in every bit of the world, still a long way to go…

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