Keeping the Light of Hope within

Why our expectations from our lives are subjected to fairy tales? Why we always expect the ‘Ideal’ things or people to happen with us, when in the reality, nothing is ‘Ideal’. The description of this ‘Ideal’ also varies from one person to another, but what remains common in all the descriptions is that we all have our ‘Ideals’ consisting of those unfulfilled aspirations and desires. We run day in and out behind them only to get upset at the end.

But then what else can be done in such a situation, do we need to stop going behind our ‘Ideal’?

The first thing you could do is to accept the current situation you are in and the people around you like the way they are. Acceptance always save you from being disheartened. This does not mean to just let the things be the way they are. But, rather to keep a light of hope within for the things to get better. This light within us would help to pave our way amidst the darkness of worldly despair.


This hope and the good intentions to make things better not just for ourselves but even for people around will help us in turning the things towards good. When we tend to fall down and think to give up on things in our life, it is this hope which helps us keep going.

Hope not only gives us a reason to survive but also makes us brave and strong enough to get through the difficult phase without giving up.

pablo-garcia-saldana-94051Hope sometimes act as that mirage which helps to keep going amidst the dry desert when we are really not capable of going through. It helps to step forward and keep moving ahead despite of all the difficulties we go through. This mirage of hope finally leads to the oasis of betterment.



Though you might feel it very difficult to move even a step forward, or just feel like the darkness would never end, that is where if you keep progressing keeping the light of hope within, you will pass the dark night to welcome the breaking dawn.


About thehopekeeper

I am "the hopekeeper" who despite of losing all faiths to worldly distress still enlightens with a small ray of Hope and is trying to propagate it and make the world full of light.

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