When Life gives you lemons

When life gives you lemons

In my highly planned life, where I tend to plan each and everything, where my day starts with drafting my do list and ends upon planning the next.

Keeping the Light of Hope within

Why our expectations from our lives are subjected to fairy tales? Why we always expect the ‘Ideal’ things or people to happen with us, when in the reality, nothing is ‘Ideal’. The description of this ‘Ideal’ also varies from one person to another, but what remains common in all the descriptions is that we all […]

The pursuit of Happiness

When I being a 24 year old look around in my peer group to learn the root cause of a commonly found yet rarely accepted “Depression” I find a few possible set of reasons which I have noted down as follows: Over ambition to earn quick money. Score good grades. Be on top of the […]