The Curious Case of being Old school in the Modern World

Old School in modern world

Old School in modern world

In this very fast-paced modern world, species of Old School people, a complete misfit in the world exists aloof. These are the typical nerds who prefer deep conversations over small talks, slow music over EDM and metal. Those people who consider every stranger’s problem as their own.  The ones who can ponder about the meaning of life, relations and world whole day tirelessly.

It seems like a very stringent description. Now I guess you have identified one such Oldie in your group, any of your colleagues, old friends or in a rare case this Oldie could be you yourself. Don’t feel bad! Welcome to the club, my dear friend!! By the way, I am a typical old school myself!

People often criticise old school people as boring nerds who sit in some corners with books or their phones and listen to some boring kind of music. For a change, let’s see how the world looks from the eyes of an Old School guy.

  • People find us unapproachable: The simple fact is we are just too shy to open up. Although people feel we are the most unapproachable people in the world, but the fact is we make the best of buddies. It is just that we are shy to break the ice. We are often too nervous and expect others to take the first step. As we are very sensitive people, we prefer to put our guards up all the time to avoid uninvited vulnerabilities.
  • We are labelled as boring people: Talk about arts, science, politics, books, life, music, and there we are!! Just that we don’t feel comfortable partying does not mean we are boring. Have a warm cup of tea/coffee or simply catch us on a drink and you would find yourself in an interesting long conversation.
  • People don’t find us cool: Yes, we still believe in old-school mannerisms and prefer formal dressing. Protocols hold the utmost priority in our lives, isn’t it cool! It’s just that our definition of cool is slightly different from yours.
  • People term us as unromantic “Typically not interested” ones: But the fact is we believe in long-term relationships and wait for the right time and right people. The secret is we are hopeless romantics who are just unable to express ourselves. Not able to express doesn’t mean we are not-interested, just that we take time to open up.
  • People find our music and literature taste as boring: It is just that ours is a little different than most of the people of our generation, but that surely doesn’t make our taste a bad one.

Old school people are just a bit different and are not weirdoes for sure. Try to be a bit understanding and you’ll get to know some of the warmest people in the world!!

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