The pursuit of Happiness

When I being a 24 year old look around in my peer group to learn the root cause of a commonly found yet rarely accepted “Depression” I find a few possible set of reasons which I have noted down as follows:

  • Over ambition to earn quick money.
  • Score good grades.
  • Be on top of the game.
  • To earn respect and name in front of family, friends and (moreover)
  • To be (seem) affluent in all means.

While noting down the above points another thought came across my mind like a photon hitting on the metal sheet “People of previous generations were happy and they didn’t suffer as today’s with hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes and a huge long list of diseases; then why is it happening with us”.

I thought about it and realized it’s nowhere different from the points I jotted down above. But that does mean people of ascending generation were not ambitious or never tried leading a better life with all affluent means or didn’t try to be respectful in the eyes of others. And then after talking to a few older people I realized they were ambitious too but there was another thing which is missing in our generation.

After connecting all the dots I realized the reason is very much simple, we people in today’s generation instead of being contented (the missing ingredient) in what we have and what we love, are trying to be (seem) more affluent, powerful and successful not because we are happy doing this (if we would have then India would not have been on highest youth suicide rates) but to prove ourselves superior to others.

Here comes another point “to prove ourselves superior to others”. But, who are these others we are competing with? When we closely try to understand this it is nothing but a rat race where a rat races on a spinning wheel putting all it’s might and energy but is still at the same point where it started from.

Like we see science clearly says through our bio-metrics that every individual is unique; so on what parameters one person can be compared with other, isn’t it a complete blunder. Here fails the concept of “Sharmaji ka IDEAL ladka” jiski misaalein hum bachpan se sunte aa rahein hain.

Sharmaji ka ladka
Sharma ji ka ladka is a misconception and everyone is as special and unique as their biometrics

So this means the unnecessary taboo of being Ideal just now shattered and it’s all about being happy and living in the moment. Isn’t it like a chain reaction where we are trying to compensate our real happiness with virtual luxuries and the irony is at the cost of same happiness? We should just take a pause turn around and see how we can come out of it.

Now I guess we have started losing up some of the burden inbuilt on us. But still we haven’t reached to a solution, what happened till now was just the prognosis and diagnosis.

If we would think little deeper there comes the solution like they say “In every question lies its answer” so if we ask just one question to ourselves “What if there were no monetary or social obligations, what would I choose to do for my happiness?” we get the answer coming somewhere from within, a voice which we chose to suppress above monetary and social pressures. The answer was within us still we had the darkness in unconsciousness beneath the lamp of realization like they say “Diya tale andhera”.

This is the reason why kids are happy because they are untouched by societal pressure, like the little droplets of rain still far from the earth whose every bit is pure but when it comes in contact with the world same droplet becomes impure. Kids live in the moment, they are pure souls far away from worldly distress. Why can’t we being adults live in the moment, find simple joys instead of complicating lives? Why can’t we stop punishing ourselves, being hard to oneself and others?

real child like happiness
childlike happiness lies far away from worldly distress

Let’s make it simple: be happy, share simple joys of life with others, pass a smile to stranger, laugh on our blunders and loosen up the burden a bit day by day. Let the formula workout. Let’s just spread the communicable disease of happiness by transmitting the virus of laughter.

Cheers 🙂

The Hopekeeper

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I am "the hopekeeper" who despite of losing all faiths to worldly distress still enlightens with a small ray of Hope and is trying to propagate it and make the world full of light.

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