When life gives you lemons

When Life gives you lemons

In my highly planned life, where I tend to plan each and everything, where my day starts with drafting my do list and ends upon planning the next. I always feel it is me who has the steering of life in my hands and things move in the direction I plan. Well, I thought so until a few days back, but now I feel, ultimately no matter how much ever good your plan is, it is always a very small piece of the destiny’s plan,which might not even exist at times.

It might sound like a drastic shift in gears, yes it does. And believe me it does happen. One thing which I have realized off late, we keep on planning, one plan after another and all it takes is one swipe from the destiny and you are back to square zero.

This clearly doesn’t mean that these swipes of destiny are always meant to put you in a tough spot. Sometimes they do, but it is all meant for a larger long term good. Such unplanned situations open new prospects of life which are often left unnoticed by us.

It always comes to realize us of our inner strengths, the hidden powers which makes us capable to start it allover again and build from scratch just to make it better this time. After all there’s a divine energy called Universe which always plays its role to get everyone of us to the places we are meant for and not the ones we often choose.

Sometimes our plans coincide with the divine plan, at times it does not. But this clearly does not mean that we should sit aside feeling disheartened or stop planning at all. As they say when life gives you lemons, squeeze it and make lemonade.

This is possibly the best way to do, by accepting and embracing what life serves at the same time adding your special twist to it, making it the best served dish. The attitude to accept,practice gratitude and do your best is all what you need to reach the best of the places in your life.

Cheers 🙂

The Hopekeeper

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I am "the hopekeeper" who despite of losing all faiths to worldly distress still enlightens with a small ray of Hope and is trying to propagate it and make the world full of light.

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