Where I belong

Where I belong

Where I belongI don’t feel like I belong here,

A constant suffocation which I bear

Amidst a mob of people, indulged in life’s symphony

My heart dreads the voice of monotony


Each day I feel like breaking the cage

Every day is filled with yearning and rage

The rage to break free

The rage to flow like sea


Each day I dream of a free land

Each day I imagine the whirls of sand

Each day I dream of climbing the mountains

Each day I imagine the flowing fountains

Every day I dream of sitting by the river

Every day I imagine the winter shivers


One day I will find the way

To a place where the silences say

Where the soul listens, and indulges in deep

My heart wants to plunge and take that leap


‘Coz I don’t feel I belong here,

‘Coz the heart is like a running deer

Who hops, but never stops

Who flips, and slips


But rises each time it falls

Amidst the nature and its calls

This is where I belong

This is the life that I long


I shall be there one day

Like a flowing river next to bay

I will live in life’s symphony

I will breakout the mundane monotony

About thehopekeeper

I am "the hopekeeper" who despite of losing all faiths to worldly distress still enlightens with a small ray of Hope and is trying to propagate it and make the world full of light.

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